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Intersecting Lives - Ideas from tangled paths

Passing through life, we try on a variety of roles that all connect in the most surprising ways. We don’t usually realize how they all fit together until the moments pass. Specific events help us to see how the different strands have connected, supported, hindered and shaped our ideas, and therefore our identities. I lead many lives; #principal, #father, #writer, #surfer, #learner, #dreamer – to name just a few. We all do.  However, what is my principal interest? If I knew that, I would know who I am. However, life isn’t about knowing who you are. It’s about staying interested enough to keep asking the question. Our identities are complex because of our interests, and the intersecting lives they entangle. I am going to attempt to unravel mine, starting from my life as a principal, exploring the ideas that centre around this aspect of my identity, and spin outwards from there.

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